The Age of the Other

Council Gamma (γ) (GR 3)
Created as of the Annual General Meeting of 20 February, GR 2.

Council Gamma was elected at the second Full Conclave, with all members except the Gold Usher regenerating, changing roles, or both, for the first time. It is the first council to include non-voting members (see the end of the entry on Council Beta).

Gallant volunteers from our society made the arduous journey to Oxford for the second Varsity Quiz – and not in vain! For the day was sweet, both with our victory and the company of our friends from the Other Place. The Cardinal of the Dromeian Chapter made a welcome reappearance as quizmaster, following temporary repairs to his navigation circuits.

Due to unexpected temporal interference in GR 3, the Doctor’s communications fell silent, with only a single transmission during the winter hiatus. However, unaffected signals from the Coal Hill Academy of Sol 3 were received and consumed with great satisfaction. In addition, historically significant segments of the Doctor’s lives were revisited, including his newly restored visit to Vulcan; his seventh regeneration; and auditory records of the Last Great Time War to mark the passing of its final veteran. In fact, auditory records were utilised for the very first time under the stewardship of Council Gamma, to great success.

Following the pioneering work of the Cardinal of the Dromeian Chapter, the perfected consciousness transferal equipment was used again at the third Full Conclave. On this occasion, the Cardinal of the Arcalian Chapter regenerated whilst also becoming the new Cardinal of the Patrex Chapter, in an advisory capacity.

With the preparations underway for the Library of Rassilon and the creation of our own publication, the society was set for the next stage of its development. History had been made this year, and the future was ours for the shaping…

Council members:
Kieran Kejiou (Lord President, 2)
Sarah Davies (Castellan, 2)
Scarlett Long (Chancellor, 3)
Lizzie Pearmain (Keeper of the Matrix, 2)
Elinor Macnab (Cardinal of the Prydonian Chapter, 2)
Matthew Kemp (Cardinal of the Arcalian Chapter, 2)
Robert Dillon (Gold Usher, 1)

Non-voting Members:
James Baillie (Cardinal of the Dromeian Chapter, 1)

Council Delta (δ) (GR 4)

Created as of the Annual General Meeting of 4 March, GR 3.

Council Delta was elected at the third Full Conclave. Due to extended temporal interference (see entry for Council Gamma), many recent Academy graduates failed to receive our summonings to ascend to august office in High Council. Thus, the Lord President and Chancellor valiantly pledged to adopt dual roles as Keeper of the Matrix and Cardinal of the Prydonian Chapter respectively. Aside from these individuals and the Gold Usher, all non-advisory positions changed hands (and bodies).

Between the strain of these dual roles, the construction of the proposed Library of Rassilon stalled (although stickers were printed) and the magazine became dust, and the dust became atoms and the atoms became… nothing. It is thus far unknown why the scholars and scribes of Gallifrey failed to surge forth, but it was strongly suspected that the Doctor’s sudden silence played a part.

However, success was still to be found in innovation. Restored records of the Doctor’s travels were cemented as a new mid-year tradition, this time the Doctor’s rediscovery of Shada. For the first time in Gallifreyan history, two Earth academics (uncannily reminiscent of LINDA) presented their analyses of the Doctor’s travels, before the Society of Time Lords took their first Otherstide meal at St Cedd’s College.

Finally, at the dissolution of Council Delta, we bore witness to the final departure of Mattilon, at last restored to his rightful seat atop his beloved Prydonian Chapter. With great sadness and purpose, the last Father of Gallifrey boarded his bowship, bound for a Divergent universe of anti-time, Oxonians and a PhD.

Council members:
Kieran Kejiou (Lord President, 2; Keeper of the Matrix, 3)
Emilia Ames (Castellan, 3)
Scarlett Long (Chancellor, 3; Cardinal of the Prydonian Chapter, 3)
David Lever (Cardinal of the Arcalian Chapter, 3)
Robert Dillon (Gold Usher, 1)
Non-voting Members:
James Baillie (Cardinal of the Dromeian Chapter, 1)
Matthew Kemp (Cardinal of the Patrex Chapter, 1)

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