2020-2021 – Easter Vacation

27/03/21 – Art Week

We’re kicking off the break with an epic Council Kel adventure – Fear Her. The Kel lord victorious is perhaps where the good things about the episode end however. Set in the far future of 2012, a girl is drawing people out of existence with a magic pencil. It’s not a particularly bad episode, just not much of an exciting one either (unless you found the scribble monster absolutely terrifying), and I don’t think that saving the day with love gave the episode any favours. I think that the episode would be much better as a Doctor-lite one, with Kel and the old lady bringing everyone back from the perils of being stuck in a drawing all sad.

Next up is one of the Series 5 greats – Vincent and the Doctor! Ignoring the historians in the society trying to point out the historical inaccuracies in this episode (because let’s be honest, how often is Doctor Who actually historically accurate?), this was an enjoyable episode with a badly CGI’d monster for most of its runtime. The final 10 minutes are what everyone remembers though – Vincent is taken to the Musee d’Orsay by the Doctor to see his work finally become appreciated, only as Amy realises upon a return trip that nothing changed at all and he still died a year later. It’s a fairly gut-punching moment, and it explains why this episode is among the best that the reboot has to offer. Ignore the other 35 minutes of the episode, they don’t really matter.

(F)la(s)t but not least, it’s Flatline! Technically the first episode written by Jamie Mathieson, this episode showed a lot of promise for the writer (as to why he should’ve been showrunner over Chibnall.) The boneless were perhaps the most interesting enemies on this show in a while (if it wasn’t for the Foretold the episode before); having monsters that existed in two dimensions was handled very well, and we also got to see Clara take centre stage here – how exciting! Clara winding the doctor up by pretending to be like him was very entertaining to watch; their series 8 dynamic continues to be engaging here. Missy has chosen well…

N.B. Clara is a great companion and I will no longer be taking any slander from this society

10/04/21 – Endgame Week

Part 1 – Aftermath (Last of the Time Lords)

The Master and Thanos think alike – overpopulation is a problem to them, and they want to make sure the world benefits from a sufficient bounty of resources. He has unleashed his army of slaughter spheres(tm) to efficiently sweep up some of those resource consuming humans! It appears he has the advantage – his nifty metal balls can be repurposed after the culling into smart footballs, 8balls, you name it. He has the power to start a massive business empire and his wealth could become immeasurable.

A slight problem. Unlike the mad titan, he has removed a measly 10 percent of the population as opposed to Thanos’ 50. In addition, it seems that he’s killed every medically qualified person on Earth, except for Martha Jones… Martha can’t tend to everyone else’s injuries or illnesses on her own, so she goes on a voyage across the world to find if anyone else is still alive who can help. People seem increasingly desperate and all hope is lost…

Everyone calls for a doctor…

And by some miracle, the holy Jesus rises from the Valiant. He seems very displeased with the Master’s poor problem solving skills.

“What happened to 10% of our beautiful planet?” asked the Lord.

“I used the humans to destroy the humans.”

The Master is shot dead by his own wife, but the problem persists… Space Jesus needs to find out how to save humanity and restore the missing people, but for that he needs the help of the best companion…

Part 2 – Time Heist (Time Heist)