The Artefacts of Rassilon

This is an inventory of all the artefacts owned by CUDWS and who holds them:

  • The Note Book of Rassilon: For the inscribing of General Meeting Minutes and any other High Council business. Held by the Chancellor.
  • The Money Box of Rassilon: A blue repository for the petty cash of the society (complete with the Receipt Book of Rassilon). Held by the Castellan.
  • The Urn of Rassilon: Said to have once held the ashes of Rassilon himself, this golden chalice, along with many coloured gems, form the foundation of Time Lord democracy, and is used at General Meetings were secret ballots must be performed. Held by the Keeper of the Matrix.
  • The TARDIS Blue Tablecloth of Rassilon: As the name suggest, the blue hue evokes the time capsule itself, and is to be placed over the table at the great gathering of societies. Held by the Cardinal of the Prydonian Chapter.
  • Delicious Sams: One of the aforementioned coloured gems used to cast votes during AGMs. The green tokens were changed to Delicious Sams as mentioned in the constitution in order to remember the time a certain member of the society ran for every position and lost. Held by the Keeper of the Matrix (or whoever has the Urn and other voting counters).
  • The Sacred DVD of D.R.W.H.O. The Lost Interviews: Our most accursed artefact, the infamous documentary made by celebrity guru (that’s really what he calls himself) Neil Sean. Signed by actual Doctor Who alumni John Leeson and Nicholas Briggs, this DVD has been passed down between presidents in order to haze newcomers and remind us that no matter what we do, we will never create something worse than this. Held by the President.