2014-2015 Events

Michaelmas 2014

11-Oct 7pm McGrath Centre, Catz Freshers’ Social and Live Episode Screening Mummy on the Orient Express – Fresher’s Social for the masses of people who signed up at the societies fair. There was a lot of Who-themed-sweet-fuelled debates on all things. Then we watched a great episode!
18-Oct 8pm McGrath Centre, Catz Live Episode Screening Flatline – Another great episode of Series 8. It is so scary on a big screen and in the dark!
25-Oct 8pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Live Episode Screening In the Forest of the Night – Best birthday present ever for the Lord President: an actual Who episode on the day! Thanks to all those who wished him well and sang.
01-Nov 7pm Riley Auditorium, Clare EGM and Live Episode Screening Dark Water – An important EGM was held to sort out a few things and legitimise the new High Council. Speeches, time Beetles and Ood Tendrils ensued, as well as some post episode (and wasn’t it a good one) fish fingers and custard, leading onto a trip to the pub. (See the Minutes section for details of the EGM).
08-Nov 7.30pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Live Episode Screening Death in Heaven – Huge turnout for the series finale. Everyone has learnt by now that it is imperative to sing the Who theme tune during the opening and closing credits. Random Santa is always welcome.
15-Nov 6.30pm Glover Room, Clare Games Night Focus On: Role Playing Game – What great fun! We had 7 Top Trumps packs, the Adventure games on the computer, Card Games and a brilliant story adventure created by our Chancellor. Captain Jack’s flirting ability came in very handy, especially when buying the pizza…
22-Nov 7.30pm Rushmore Room, Catz Social 51st Anniversary Quiz – Yet again the Ood was danced and the recorder played in this annual venture from the Lord President. Some great limericks were written as well (see the creative section).
29-Nov 7.30pm McGrath Centre, Catz Episode Screening Re-watch Series 8 (Listen, Time Heist, Mummy on the Orient Express) – The society’s favourite Series 8 episodes were watched back to back. Then the sacred fez was stolen by drunken miscreants, ending up on top of a potted plant. Wait, that wasn’t there before…
27-Nov to 04-Dec All Day All of Cambridge Scavenger Hunt Annual Scavenger Hunt – The Cardinal of the Arcalian Chapter wrote a great and pretty difficult Scavenger Hunt for the Christmas week. (See the Creative section for details).
04-Dec 7pm Blythe Room, Clare Social Christmas Party – To bring the term to a close Clare Colony eventually provided the under-floor-heated Blythe room to snack and play the piano. Some great entries to the Scavenger Hunt were viewed and judged, followed by a mass (though there weren’t really that many of us) eating of fish fingers and custard in some kindly non-Who watching abode.


Lent 2015

17-Jan 7pm Rushmore Room, Catz Social Cosplay Party – Some great who-themed costumes, with Matt Smiths and David Tennents aplenty (and Osgood!) We had a nice chat and listen to Doctor Who themes old and new.
24-Jan 7pm McGrath Centre, Catz Episode Screening The Christmas Invasion and The Invasion – The first of our classic/new mash-ups, watching linked (both thematically and name-ly… though often tenuously) stories from this century and the previous. This time we saw this first of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials (not counting Feast of Steven…) linked to a 2nd Doctor classic. Cybermen were fought, canoes sailed and rope-ladders climbed. The McGrath Centre’s sound system couldn’t quite cope with the Sycorax’s sonic blast, but who needs glass in windows, eh? Due to timing constraints (oh this was a long one) we had to relocate to the Catz JCR for the final episode.
31-Jan 7pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening Impossible Planet/Satan Pit and Curse of Fenric – Two ancient evils from the dawn of time (or before it) make both Drs 7 and 10 question the nature of faith. Deep stuff! Again, super scary in the dark and on a big screen.
07-Feb 7.30pm Choir Room, Catz Music Night Themes and Songs – A small turn-out but great fun, playing guess the Who theme from the piano playing and singing along to various songs. A particular highlight were the original songs about Who and the Main Theme remix on piano and didgeridoo!
14-Feb 7.30pm Rushmore Room, Catz Discussion Night Science – Our first discussion night, all on the (sometimes controversial) subject of science in Doctor Who. Thankfully it was a relaxed affair, discussing how science has been used to great effect in Who and how it could be used more rather than ranting about Kill the Moon. I think the knitting helped immensely!
21-Feb 8pm McGrath Auditorium, Catz Episode Screening Waters of Mars and Pyramids of Mars – Two stories that are linked to Mars (if you handed guessed already)! The Tenth Doctor takes a step into the unknown as the Time Lord Victorious fighting off the Flood, whilst the Fourth Doctor battles Sutekh and his hoard of mummies.
28-Feb 7pm McGrath Auditorium, Catz AGM and Episode Screening Robot of Sherwood and The Time Warrior – After our Annual General Meeting (in which only the Chancellor regenerated after a tour-de-force in interpretive dance) we watched two episodes with strangely similar plots: a medieval castle; a green-clad archer; robot knights; even the Third and Twelfth Doctors showing some Venusian Aikido. Hai!
07-Mar 7.30pm Castle End Meeting Rooms, Clare Colony Speakers Event (CUSFS event) Kim Newman – CUDWS took a week off to go to CUSFS’s speakers event with Kim Newman, writer of the Anno Dracula and importantly (to us at least) a First Doctor novella.
12-Mar 7pm Elton Bowring Room, Clare Games Focus on: Miniatures   – We had a great time with the Doctor Who Miniatures Game, which consisted of: an army of Ice Warriors battling some overpowered Daleks; Sontarans making an alliance with the War Doctor (who hid for most of the game to ‘do science’); the Ice Warriors making an alliance with the Sontarans to defeat the Daleks (mainly by punching them off large cliffs); and finally the Sontarans turning on the unwitting Ice Warriors who couldn’t cope with the War Doctor’s ‘science’! Great fun all round, especially with epic soundtracks in the backgrounds, and the brand new CUDWS Members Cards coming out.


Easter 2015

25-Apr 7.30pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening Talons of Weng-Chiang   – This classic from the golden era of Who showed the Fourth Doctor fighting off a fleeing war criminal (fleeing from the Time Agency in the 51st Century no less – Captain Jack perhaps?) with the help of Leela and the dynamic duo of Jago and Litefoot. With brilliant direction and wonderfully eerie sets the stereotypes of Victorian London were well realised (though, unfortunately stereotypical…)
03-May 12-6pm The Castle Meal and Varsity Quiz Varsity Quiz – The wonderful members of Oxford Doctor Who Society made the journey to Cambridge to battle it out in a head-to-head quiz. After a lovely meal and chat at The Castle pub, we fought a close-run match with a great set of questions from Matthew Kilburn and James Bailie, but eventually Cambridge came out on top with 41 – 36. It was a great chance to meet some other people who are passionate about Who in another university, and Emma’s knitted blue Daleks were a treat!
09-May 4-7.30 Ramsden Room, Catz Special Guests and Creative Meeting Charlie Ross and Keith Temple – We had a wonderful afternoon with some massive Doctor Who fans who have contributed to the world of Who themselves (Charlie as a voice actor in the audios, as well as interviewing many a Doctor, and Keith in writing Planet of the Ood). They initially helped the new CUDWS creative team with ideas for the radio plays we wanted to make and then recounted some wonderful tales about their work on Who (complete with Ood dancing!) After a meal at the ever dependable Castle, we said goodbye to our guests. Splendid chaps, both of them.
16-May 7.30pm Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Plant Sciences Finale Episode Screening Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways – To start a tradition we watched, for our final episode screening of the year, the incredible finale from Series 1; the Ninth Doctor at his best! With Bad Wolf, Big Brother, and hordes of Daleks we were treated to RTD’s masterpiece that saw 9 regenerate to 10 and Captain Jack get defabricated (where did he keep that laser?) The sound quality may not have been the best, but with subtitles we got through it, and it was wonderful to see so many people there.
14-Jun 4pm Queens’ Backs Social (Joint) Joint Geek Society Garden Party – CTS, CUSFS and CUDWS all eating and drinking together once again. A critical mass of nerds!


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