The Chronicles of Gallifrey

Note that these Chronicles are written in the Gallifreyan Reckoning (GR). Gallifreyan Reckoning matches up to Academic years, with each year starting on October 1. GR 1 is the 2014-15 academic year. Councils are given a signifier, based on Greek lettering, with the first full council being alpha (GR1), and so on. Councils after Council Omega will have a second signifier (such that Council Omega -> Council Alpha Alpha -> Council Alpha Beta). Numbers next to each councillor’s title ennumerate how many occupants of that office there have been. For those who wish to know how this maps onto regeneration cycles, those records can be found here.

Thus, the Chronicles are divided into the following broad periods:

The Mattilon Era (GR 0 – GR 2)

The Age of the Other (GR 3 – GR 4)

The Confused Era (GR 5 – GR 9)
Records of the Matrix in this period are scattered, sometimes riddled with mentions of a virus crippling the capabilities of the High Council… Visit again in the future to see if the Keeper has managed to organise and revive the records of this era.

The Post-Plague Era (GR 10- Present)