Welcome to a gallery containing quite possibly the finest works of art our society has ever produced. Humanity has always had a taste for the arts and as most of us here are human (and definitely not shape-shifting androids who fished themselves out of the BBC bins), we too love to dabble in some artistic ventures occasionally. Art, as you all know, was first invented by Neil Buchanan in 1990 for CITV’s series Art Attack (don’t believe those so-called ‘historians’ who try and spread lies about art existing for millennia beforehand. Please, we all know the truth) and has since become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless individuals to perfect their own works, in order to bring joy to the masses. Below, you will find some absolutely moving pieces that will tug at the heartstrings and even bring a tear to your eye. Or just give you a good laugh. Yeah a laugh sounds more likely.


Behold the one who started it all, the one and only (except for Felix who is now other Dave or Proper Dave, I dunno) David! Our esteemed Cardinal Prime has always had a flair for the dramatic, which has led to numerous excellent cosplays, of which I have been lucky enough to help with. Below you will see a small selection of his greatest works, so that they may forever stand as a monument to his glory, and will probably set the bar for next year’s lot. So put on that gallery music, and bask in the glory that is David’s Cosplay.