2020-2021 Events

Long ago in the before times, it was said that people used to see each other face-to-face. Groups of any number could gather in enclosed spaces and stranger still, these groups would all converge on a single screen and view episodes from any period in Doctor Who’s history, without iPlayer! Only the elders of the society whisper these rumours, convinced that these myths were once true. But alas, that’s all these stories are. Myths and legends about a time before Coronavirus. As we all know, there has never been anything but Discord meetings, modern episode viewings and Among Us game nights. Still, there remains hope. Hope that one day we shall escape the lockdown, and be free to meet other people and see them without masks. Whilst we wait for that day to arrive, we must persevere with Discord and continue to scream down microphones at each other, knowing that in the safety of our own homes, we can say whatever we want about Clara without the fear of fisticuffs. Until that day, till all are allowed to gather in groups of 6 or more…. (Optimus Prime, 1986)

Yeah this year kinda got out of our control. With the government having massively fumbled the ball on controlling the spread of Coronavirus, we were forced to continue our adventures in Discord, and were limited to only modern Who episodes. Still, we were determined to keep the society going and infuse it with new blood, welcoming freshers and forcing them to listen to our commentary in the group chat. But I know what you’re thinking. Oh Great Keeper of the Matrix, will you still be able to supply us with witty and stimulating rants? To that I say, fear not dear readers (probably just Tom)! Being forced to stay inside isn’t going to stop me from fulfilling my duty (much to your dismay, I’m sure), so click below to read summarised accounts of every society meeting in the academic year of 2020-2021, the year of Discord:

Michaelmas term: http://whosoc.soc.srcf.net/2020-2021-events-michaelmas-term/

Lent Term: http://whosoc.soc.srcf.net/2020-2021-events-lent-term/

Easter Term:

The Anniversary Quiz: