2015-2016 Events

Michaelmas 2015

10-Oct 7pm McGrath Centre, Catz Freshers’ Social and Live Episode Screening Under the Lake/Before the Flood – Fresher’s Social for the masses of people who signed up at the societies fair. We ate Who-Themed biscuits and chocolates, had a good chat, then watched the previous week’s episode before watching the second part live. Many learnt that we always sing the theme tune, especially if it’s the rock version!
17-Oct 8:15pm Keynes Hall, King’s Episode Screening The Girl Who Died – A brand new venue that unfortunately led to a few technical problems with projectors and buffering (the spoonheads were the culprits I’m sure…) but those who stayed seemed to enjoy the fandom cross-over and awesome next instalment of Jamie Mathieson’s Doctor Who.
24-Oct 9pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening The Woman Who Lived – Another great episode back in the trusty Riley Auditorium, with its resplendently purple seats!
31-Oct 8pm Keynes Hall, King’s Games Night and Episode Screening The Zygon Invasion – A fun night in from other Halloween excitements. Doctor Who: The Card Game was finally played to its fullest extent, Trivial Pursuits was defeated by a group consciousness, and a few Top Tumps games were played too. The episode was then watched without the curse of buffering and we chatted well into the night afterwards (both us and our Zygon duplicates!)
7-Nov 7pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Special Guest and Live Episode Screening Dan Starkey and The Zygon Inversion – Cambridge Alumni, Sontaran actor and just all-round nice guy Dan Starkey came to talk to us. He had many a great story tell and we heard all about what it’s like to be in Doctor Who. He then enjoyed watching an poigniant episode, singing the theme tune along with us! The TARDIS cardboard cut-out then provided a background to picture taking and signings.
14-Nov 7pm McGrath Centre, Catz Quiz and Live Episode Screening 52nd Anniversary Quiz and Sleep No More – The annual, celebratory event went incredibly well with a quiz packed full of dancing, bassoon playing, jelly babies, amazing limericks and ideas for spin-off shows! We also watched a scary if unconventional episode.
 21-Nov  9pm  Keynes Hall, King’s  Episode Screening  Face the Raven – A poignant episode with superb performances from Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi! A fitting departure for a popular companion.
 28-Nov  7pm  Riley Auditorium, Clare  Christmas Party and Live Episode Screening  Christmas Party and Heaven Sent – A fun night, started with games and chatter. And then followed by arguably a modern classic – a lone Doctor in his confession dial, portrayed with great nuance and sadness. Definitely essential viewing for all future Whovians!


Lent 2016

16-Jan 7pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening Rose/Dalek – The CUDWS TARDIS returned us to the glorious 2005 revival of Doctor Who, featuring Christopher Eccleston’s sublime first performance as the Ninth Doctor. Soon after, the Daleks re-emerged also!
23-Jan 7pm Castle End Meeting Rooms, Clare Colony Games Night Games Night – Our first incursion into the Colony… A fun night of games, pizza and music!
30-Jan 7pm McGrath Centre, Catz Episode Screening City of Death – A thoroughly enjoyable classic from the bygone era of the Fourth Doctor and Romana II. Cleverly written, hilariously delivered and deliciously mad!
6-Feb 7:30pm Keynes Hall, King’s Episode Screening Earthshock – Sombre silence ruled Keynes Hall this evening as a tragedy stuck a space freighter. We shall divulge no spoilers here for this excellent Fifth Doctor story – it’s best viewed with mystery intact!
13-Feb 7:30pm Keynes Hall, King’s Episode Screening Remembrance of the Daleks – A story filled with memorable moments: the Dalek mastery of stairs; Ace’s mastery of that poor Dalek; the Emperor’s unmasking; and that wonderful rice pudding quip!
20-Feb 7pm Rushmore Room, Catz Cosplay AGM and Episode Screening Cosplay AGM/The Doctor’s Wife – We all dressed up for the election of the new High Council, with a prize awarded to the very convincing Auton! The evening concluded with a viewing of Neil Gaiman’s excellent first Who episode!
 27-Feb 7pm Clough JCR, Newnham Social  Dalek Cake Social/Flesh and Stone/Time of Angels/The Beast Below/Sarah’s Birthday – An impromptu screening of a few Series 5 favourites to celebrate the birthday of our newly elected Castellan! Also – cake!
 5-Mar  7:30pm McGrath Centre, Catz Episode Screening Human Nature/Family of Blood – A very emotional adaptation of the Paul Cornell novel for the Tennant era. A truly touching exploration of what it means to be the Doctor.


Easter 2016

23-Apr 7:30pm Rushmore Room, Catz Episode Screening The Aztecs – Atmospheric and well-acted; the sixth ever Who serial has aged remarkably well! Ian’s fight was tense while Barbara’s struggle was painfully relatable. All in all, a solid entry for the programme in its formative period.
30-Apr 7:30pm Rushmore Room, Catz Episode Screening The Tomb of the Cybermen – Fresh from yet another victory over Oxford in the Varsity Quiz, we watched an eerie Second Doctor serial. Metaphor for human arrogance, or a just a well-executed monster piece? Jury’s still out!
7-May 7:30pm Rushmore Room, Catz Episode Screening The Daemons – A spooky Third Doctor outing dealing with the occult and featuring the Brig’s famous “Chap with wings, there – five rounds, rapid!”
14-May 7:30pm Keynes Hall, King’s Episode Screening Army of Ghosts/Doomsday – The traditional year-ending finale screening, serving to finally answer the age-old question of whether the Daleks would beat the Cybermen in a fight! Topped off with a teary (albeit temporary) farewell for Rose Tyler.
12-Jun 4pm Queens’ Backs GeekSoc Picnic Joint GeekSoc Picnic – The annual get-together of CUDWS, CUSFS and CTS! This year was the first time CUDWS hosted the event, to great success!


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