2017-2018 Events

Michaelmas 2017

7-Oct 7:00pm JCR, Newnham Episode Screening Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords – Making up for the lack of traditional finale episode in Easter term! And what could be cosier than a large group of Whovians in a small JCR, huddled around a TV, passing round snacks?
14-Oct 7:00pm The Castle Inn Social Impromptu Pub Meet – Due to lack of a venue to show Terror of the Autons for Katy Manning’s birthday, we all went to the Castle for a drink and a chat!
21-Oct 7:00pm The Chancellor’s Room, John’s Big Finish Night Jubilee – A true Colin Baker classic (which inspired 2005’s Dalek), featuring Evelyn Smythe, creepy dystopias and the original good Dalek!
28-Oct 7:00pm CUSU/GU Lounge, Mill Lane Episode Screening/Matt Smith’s Birthday The Eleventh Hour – What better way to celebrate the birth of the Eleventh Doctor by watching the… birth of the Eleventh Doctor…? It’s like watching a Nativity at Christmas – there is precedent!
4-Nov 7:00pm Old Divinity School, John’s Games Night Games Night – We all gathered for some Top Trumps, Trivial Pursuits and Doctor Who Monopoly!
11-Nov 7:00pm Department of Earth Sciences, Downing Site Episode Screening The Tenth Planet – In anticipation of the First Doctor’s return in the upcoming Christmas Special, the Patrex Cardinal ushered us into his place of work to view William Hartnell’s final serial as the incumbent Doctor. The Cybermen, at their most disturbing, made their first ever appearance…
18-Nov 7:00pm CUSU/GU Lounge, Mill Lane Marathon Steven Moffat’s Birthday Christmas Marathon! – An early Christmas marathon featuring the some of the birthday boy’s finest specials: A Christmas Carol; the Snowmen; Time of the Doctor; and Last Christmas!
25-Nov 7:00pm The Castle Inn Anniversary Quiz 54th Anniversary Quiz – As per tradition, the original broadcast of Who’s very first episode was celebrated with a quiz! A pleasant pub-quiz-style contest culminating in the President winning with 3 points. The losing teams both got over 100 though…


Lent 2018

20-Jan  CUSU/GU Lounge, Mill Lane Reconstructed Episode Screening Shada (Animated)
27-Jan JCR, Newnham Craig Night ft. Peter Kay The Lodger, Closing Time, and Love & Monsters
03-Feb Earth Sciences Department Lecture The Politics of the Peter Capaldi Years – Robin Bunce
10-Feb JCR, Newnham Episode Screening Kinda / Unquiet Dead
17-Feb CUSU/GU Lounge, Mill Lane Awkward Unofficial Documentary Night
24-Feb John’s Big Finish Night
03-Mar Earth Sciences Department AGM / Minisodes Screening
10-Mar JCR, Newnham Episode Screening Arc of Infinity


Easter 2018

28-Apr Episode Screening Genesis of the Daleks
05-May Lecture & Formal Talk on Gridlock, Una McCormack / Annual Formal
12-May Episode Screening Black Orchid / Unicorn and the Wasp
13-May Varsity Quiz
19-May Finale Screening Stolen Earth / Journey’s End
May Week War Games


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