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This will contain all of the society’s poetic endeavours!

  • Limericks from the 51st Anniversary Quiz

Mummy on the Orient Express

The Orient Express is in space,
So against the clock we must race.
Are you my mummy?
Of course not you dummy;
The Foretold is gone without trace.

The magnificent Engineer Perkins
Knows all of the train’s inner workings.
He had a small part,
But still stole our heart,
And also a boatload of jerkins.

The mummy was haunting the train,
And killing again and again.
But hey! ‘We surrender!’
And that served to end a
Great story of horror and pain.

By Quiz-topher Eccleston


The Doctor can vaguely recall
Something hiding, and creeping, that crawls,
From beneath every bed
And within every head,
But is there a monster at all?

In the Forest of the Night

So London is covered in trees
And Maeve is possessed by fairies;
All the trees disappear
But Maeve’s sister appears!
I’m filled with emotion. Oh please!

The TV Movie (Haiku)

The Master’s a snake
And Paul McGann likes kissing.
But hey, Big Finish

By the Sisterhood of Karn


A graffiti plot, building up tension
And some aliens planning ascension,
(Which in a big twist’ll
Be starting in Bristol)
To understand the third dimension.

By the Power of Three

Robot of Sherwood

There was an old tale of Robin,
Some people thought he was nothin’.
The Doctor, our champ,
Found they were all camp,
Then there were some robots explodin’.

By the Kroutons

Kill the Moon

In the episode called ‘Kill the Moon’,
There was a noticeable lack of Judoon.
It got loads of hate,
‘Cos eggs don’t gain weight.
Least there’s a new episode soon!

By Magdwin

Under the Lake

In the base that’s under the lake,
Four words were often heard spake.
The ghosts, they are coming
So you’d better start running,
But what if they’re actually fake?

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