The Post-Plague Era

Council Kappa (κ) (GR 10)

Appointed as of the Annual General Meeting on 12th March, GR 9

GR 10 marked a rebirth of the Matrix, as the appointed Keeper regained complete control of it from the entity only known as SRCF. The paradoxes in the Matrix were completely purged, and the Word-pressing subsystems were renewed. The process of updating and re-organizing Matrix records began.

A significant event 3 months after the beginning of GR 10 was the Megagame, chiefly organised by the Supreme Pontiff of Time, Felix Davison. Members of the Society acted out an alternative outcome of the War in Heaven, as the Court of the Could-Have-Been King invades the Eleven-Day Empire. Through the interventions of the Enemy Friendly Octopus, the Fendahl, multiple Draxes, and many other parties, the invasion and its consequences were retroactively erased.