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This area will contain details on forthcoming society events, when and where they will be, and other things of that nature.

Next event: Christmas specials – The Capaldi era

Congratulations everyone, we’ve made it through Michaelmas 2019. To all our freshers and newcomers, I hope we’ve managed to welcome you into the Society and help you settle in to this new time in your life. Believe me, I found this society really helpful in my first term and I hope we’ve managed to make you guys feel at home as well.

Right, moving on, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again! In the immortal words of Slade: “IT’S CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAASS”. Everyone’s hanging up their decorations, Michael Buble is currently being defrosted and we’re preparing to welcome in the season by showing all the Capaldi specials, from Last Christmas all the way to Twice upon a Time. So grab a mince pie, pour out a cup of Mulled wine or egg nog (or any other festive beverage) and settle in for a light-hearted series of adventures.

Last Christmas –  Arriving in the North Pole, the Doctor and Clara discover the crew of an Arctic base are being threatened by mysterious dream crabs. Luckily, they have a new friend to help them…. Santa?

The Doctor Who version of Inception essentially, this episode is a fairly fun trip, with plenty of bickering between the Doctor and Santa (played by the amazing Nick Frost) and a great scene involving blackboards. This episode is ruined only by the return of the ever-terrible Clara, who forces herself into yet another series (yes I’m aware of what Tom wrote in the emails and I will willingly accept his challenge next term).

The Husbands of River Song – The Doctor gets caught up in an assassination attempt on King Hydroflax, headed (get it) by none other than River Song, who can’t seem to recognise her husband…

Luckily, the Doctor has had his memories of Clara erased (wish we could) and is back in this solo adventure alongside the hilarious (and ginormous) Greg Davies, Matt Lucas in his debut role as Nardole (the sexiest companion, fight me) and Alex Kingston returning for her final on-screen appearance as River Song. This episode features a bittersweet ending that’s sure to tug at the heart strings, and cements River Song as one of Moffat’s greatest characters.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio – Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…. a Police Box? Dealing with the loss of River Song, the Doctor visits New York, where he’s re-united with the superhero The Ghost, a man he accidentally gave superpower to. Good thing he did though, as New York has been invaded by body-snatching alien brains!

I love this episode, and honestly, you should too. It’s got Capaldi’s Doctor at his best, it brings back Nardole (who as I previously said, is really just a bit of eye-candy) and features an actual superhero in the Doctor Who universe! Sure the plot is cliched, but its a great, fun parody of/homage to classic comic book adventures, with a nice love story, decent CGI and a helping of Pokemon GO jokes.

Twice upon a Time – The Doctor is regenerating. He’s tired, old and has been mortally wounded whilst battling the Cybermen. But he refuses to give into his regeneration. After all, what’s the point if you’re going to become a different person? If only someone could help. Someone like….. The Doctor?

Peter Capaldi’s and Steven Moffat’s swansong is a heart-wrenching episode filled with plenty of callbacks and great memories. Featuring the return of Bill (kind of), David Bradley as the First Doctor and Mark Gatiss as the Captain (definitely not a Lethbridge-Stewart), this episode ends the great 12th Doctor’s run on a high, and gave us all hope for the next era of Doctor Who.

Location: Downing College (meet at Porter’s lodge)

When: 6pm Saturday 30th November


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