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This area will contain details on forthcoming society events, when and where they will be, and other things of that nature.

Next event: Big Finish Audio Night

Yeah that’s right, we do things other than just watch old episodes! At least once a term we cave into a certain someone’s unending demands and let him play some Big Finish audio stories, which range from incredible to absolutely insane (ask about Jubilee). Unfortunately, as a cheap, lazy git I’m very inexperienced in Big Finish and know very little about it. Fortunately for you, we have someone who has stared into the heart of the Big Finish time vortex and is capable of reciting each story word for word (please don’t ask him to do this though): David. Our local man of mystery (by which we mean no-one knows what he actually does) has written this week’s summary, which should offer a much more comprehensible description of this event than whatever rubbish I’d come up with.  So without further ado, here’s David’s description of the event:

Hello peoples of a doctor whoy inclination,

I’m David, and I’m the councils official Big finish expertTM, as well as occupying the esteemed position of “Whatever it is you do” (thank you Tom).


This week we’re doing something a little different, rather than watching an episode, we’re listening to one! Or Two. I’ll explain more below, but these are a really good opportunity to get some arts/crafts or work done while still ‘socialising’/ getting to do doctor whoy things. Yay!


Big finish are the biggest independent audio producers in the UK, and they’ve had the licence for doctor who since 1999. Basically, run by a team of fans and headed by Nicholas Briggs (voice of all the monsters), their audios utilise basically every ex-doctor who actor remaining, to create extremely high-quality stories featuring full casts. Think of them as a regular screening, but we can’t get the screen working (so business as usual).


If you want to try some first, check out this spotify playlist (, where the first 50 are available for free! I personally recommend Colditz (David tenant plays a Nazi), Spare parts (the best cybermen story) and the marian conspiracy (Someone finally gets the sixth doctor right and gives him the best companion in all of who). Also all of the eighth doctor’s stuff – if you ever wanted to get to know the movie doctor, maybe learn about the names on his lips as he regenerated, this is the place!

This week we’ll be listening to the four doctors (5,6,7 and 8 because Tom still said no), an hour long epic about a family’s history, and the role the doctor plays in it.


The Fifth incarnation of the Doctor been allowed access to the Vault of Stellar Curios, where the biomechanoid Jariden are at least prepared to consider his warnings about dangerous temporal leakage.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Daleks attack, unleashing a temporal maelstrom that will not only threaten the Jariden race, but will have dire consequences for the history of the Doctor himself…

We’ll also be listening to ‘Divorced, beheaded, regenerated’, which features Missy herself, causing chaos in a way only she can (by trying to become the queen of course). This time, she’s joined by Rufus Hound’s Meddling monk. If you don’t know the monk, he was the first other time lord introduced to the series, way back in the 1st doctor’s time. He isn’t evil, just greedy and self-obsessed and a perfect foil for Missy. This is one of my absolute favourite audios, it’s witty, it’s camp, it’s very fun.


Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated by John Dorney

Missy arrives in Tudor England, throwing the plans of another renegade Time Lord into chaos.

King Henry VIII is on the throne, and aliens are stomping through the countryside. Missy just wants to be Queen.

And the Monk? Once he knows who else is on the scene, he’ll be glad just to stay alive…

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


So there you have it, if David’s wonderful description has intrigued you, then come on down to Downing College at 6pm to listen to a fine selection of canon audio starring your favourite Time Lords (and the Fifth doctor. Seriously, how did he get no votes during our Fresher’s poll?).

Location: Downing college (meet at the Porter’s lodge)

When: 6pm Saturday 9th November


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