2016-2017 Events

Michaelmas 2016

8-Oct 7:15pm Bateman Auditorium, Caius Freshers’ Squash & Episode Screening The Robots of Death – A suspenseful murder mystery from the Fourth Doctor era. With cool robots and some pondering on free will…
15-Oct 7;15pm CUSU Lounge Film Screening Doctor Who TV Movie – CUDWS’ first ever film screening! Despite the medical inaccuracies (broncheocephalic?), a thoroughly enjoyable evening with the reappearance of fish fingers and custard!
22-Oct 7:15pm Rushmore Room, Catz Class Episode Screening For Tonight We Might Die/The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo – The first two episodes of Class, a new Who spinoff, were met with great enthusiasm – as well as a welcome cameo from Peter Capaldi!
29-Oct 7:15pm Cripps Meeting Room 5, Magdalene Games Night & Class Episode Screening Games Night/Nightvisiting – A relaxed evening of Doctor Who Scene-It followed by a moving episode of Class, with some impressive performances from the young cast!
5-Nov 7:15pm Central Hall, John’s Big Finish & Crafts Night Technophobia & Crafts – Our first Big Finish group listening, featuring the glorious returns of David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Ten and Donna. Many drawings were drawn and our CUDWS Monopoly board nears completion.
12-Nov 7:30pm CUSU Lounge Episode Screening Vengeance on Varos – A Sixth Doctor story in which executions are televised and exported for entertainment. We were all captivated and left speechless by the end – how close are we to this particular dystopia…?
 19-Nov 7:30pm Rushmore Room, Catz 53rd Anniversary Quiz 53rd Anniversary Quiz – A competitive quiz (until the Big Finish round was utterly stolen by one team…), with some droll jokes and compelling Movie sequel pitches in the creative rounds!
26-Nov 7:15pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Christmas Marathon The Runaway Bride/Time Crash/Voyage of the Damned/The Next Doctor/A Christmas Carol – CUDWS’ first festive marathon! Although, we only watched Runaway Bride and Voyage of the Damned – term had been pretty exhausting after all!


Lent 2017

21-Jan 7:15pm Rushmore Room, Catz Episode Screening The Power of the Daleks – We watched the newly-released animated version of the legendary missing serial. Over 50 years after the original broadcast, Cambridge has finally relived Patrick Troughton’s sublime debut!
28-Jan 7:15pm CUSU Lounge Episode Screening The Green Death – We bid a tearful adieu to Jo Grant in this fondly-remembered classic with the giant maggots.
4-Feb 7:15pm Fisher Foyer, John’s Big Finish & Crafts Night Only the Monstrous & Crafts – A group listening to the War Doctor’s first audio outing, to mark the sad passing of Sir John Hurt. A fitting tribute to wonderful actor.
11-Feb 7:30pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Episode Screening Enlightenment – Period piece crossed with spaceship race with the Black Guardian thrown in for fun! This gem from the Davison era went down well this evening!
18-Feb 7:30pm CUSU Lounge Episode Screening The Brain of Morbius – The President’s favourite but, alas, he was absent for this one… A lavishly gothic feel to this Frankenstein-inspired episode!
25-Feb 7:30pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Film Screening Dr. Who and the Daleks – Partly in honour of Peter Cushing’s Rogue One resurrection, partly because we wanted to see the first time a Who story was seen in colour. A colourful film for a diverting evening.
4-Mar 7:00pm Rushmore Room, Catz AGM & Episode Screening AGM & Planet of the Dead – The High Council regenerated yet again! Then, with the Easter vacation approaching, we watched the only Easter special to date!
11-Mar 7:00pm Rushmore Room, Catz Social & Torchwood/Who Episode Screening John Barrowman’s 50th Birthday Party; Adam/Captain Jack Harkness & The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances – Many biscuits were scoffed as we immersed ourselves in all things Captain Jack for John Barrowman’s birthday!


Easter 2017

29-Apr 7:00pm Rushmore Room, Catz Live Episode Screening Thin Ice – A nice period (with alien) piece, preceded by chatter, Top Trumps and Smile for those who hadn’t seen it. Also – biscuits!
6-May 7:00pm Rushmore Room, Catz Live Episode Screening Knock Knock – A creepy one featuring David Suchet, preceded by party games including Allons-y Hartnell, among others invented by the Patrex Cardinal!
13-May 7:00pm Ramsden Room, Catz Live Episode Screening Oxygen – Following the Varsity Quiz, we watched another scary episode with zombies in space! This week, we played a Who-themed version of Consequences before the episode – ending in a suitably mad cliffhanger…
20-May 7:00pm Keynes Hall, King’s Live Episode Screening Extremis – Yet another unsettling episode, the first in a pseudo three-parter, with a very dark twist… And more Consequences (with more salaciousness from Captain Jack)!
27-May 7:00pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Live Episode Screening The Pyramid at the End of the World – A fraught continuation of last week’s episode; creepy monks, high stakes and a painful revelation. A very excited audience left Selwyn tonight!
3-Jun 7:00pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Live Episode Screening The Lie of the Land – The conclusion of the pseudo three-parter. Shades of Last of the Time Lords, but with a Twelfth Doctor spin! Very satisfying, with a moving climax.
10-Jun 7:00pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Live Episode Screening Empress of Mars – Ice Warriors vs Redcoats! We greatly enjoyed this one, with its handling of the warrior’s culture and the surprise return of a Classic alien!
17-Jun 6:30pm Selwyn JCR, Selwyn Live Episode Screening The Eaters of Light – We were treated to an emotional episode from Rona Munro – the first Classic Who writer to return to the revived series. But with the new series, we’d broken the Finale Tradition – will this ever be resolved…?
18-Jun 2:00pm Queens’ Backs Social (Joint) Joint GeekSoc Picnic – As per usual, the geeks of Cambridge united for food, chat and the fabled Pool Noodle Duel!


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