2013-2014 Events

Michaelmas 2013

11-Oct 8pm The Vaults Bar Social Freshers’ Drinks – The first ever WhoSoc event! The Vaults Bar had some interesting live music which accompanied lively chatter about Who likes and dislikes. A large percentage of the group were seasoned CUSFS members, but some eager freshers had their first dose of Who.
18-Oct 8pm Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ’s Episode Screening An Unearthly Child – Watched the pilot rather than the original broadcast version but oh well! In the 50th Anniversary year it was good to go back to the very beginning!
25-Oct 8pm Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ’s Episode Screening The Five Doctors – In which the Harp of Rassilon was heard by many for the first time. A good turnout for this 20th Anniversary special.
08-Nov 8pm The Eagle and Beyond Social (Quiz) Quiz and Pub Crawl – Though only two pubs and two contestants, this was a fun event with some nice poster prizes.
15-Nov 8pm Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ’s Episode Screening The Eleventh Hour – Cancelled due to lack of DVD… And people… The preview for the 50th was watched on Children in Need in the TV room though.
23-Nov 7pm McGrath Centre, Catz Quiz and Live Episode Screening The Day of the Doctor – 50th Anniversary Party with clips, quizzes, way too many people and the future chair dancing the Ood! This set the tradition of the annual anniversary Quiz. After this many went to…
23-Nov 10pm Gatehouse, Clare Social (Joint) Cosplay Party – After the episode with Doctor themed cocktails (see the creative section for the different ingredients used) courtesy to our good CUSFS friends!


Lent 2014

18-Jan 8pm Trinity Hall Social Cosplay party – Drinks, chats and a Zygon themed mafia game! There were also some Who-themed biscuits; the Weeping Angels ones were particularly crunchy when they were unobserved…
24-Jan 8pm McGrath Centre, Catz Episode Screening Spearhead From Space – The Third Doctor’s first story, setting the style for the next few years and even inspiring the modern producers to have some glass-smashing Auton action in the Ninth Doctor’s debut.
07-Feb 8pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening Genesis of the Daleks – Possibly the most important episode of Who ever, taking the Doctor right back to where the Daleks began. Having repercussions that could have started the Time War, the Doctor asks himself: does he have the right?
21-Feb 8pm McGrath Centre, Catz Episode Screening Blink – The multi-award winning masterpiece in television from Steven Moffat, Blink is often cited as the scariest story ever. Especially scary in the dark on a big screen!
07-Mar 8pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening Caves of Androzani – Voted the best story ever in a Doctor Who Magazine poll, this dark venture is a true classic. In a world so corrupt that the Doctor can’t change anything he strives to save someone he’s only just met.


Easter 2014

24-Apr 7pm Glover Room, Clare Games Night Focus On: Top Trumps – Played combined Top Trumps, Trivial Pursuits, Doctor Who: THE Card Game and had a great though difficult quiz from the Keeper of the Matrix… Oh, and pizza!
04-May 7pm Cambridge Union Guest Sylvester McCoy – The 7th Doctor! The Cambridge Union let CUDWS members in free. Some great anecdotes and spoon playing ensued. What a great chap.
09-May 8pm Riley Auditorium, Clare Episode Screening The Doctor’s Daughter/Midnight – Democratically voted, but then decided to watch more: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. The Second half of Series 4 was incredible wasn’t it?
14-Jun 1pm Queen’s Backs Social (Joint) Joint Geek Society Garden Party – CTS, CUSFS and CUDWS all eating and drinking together in harmony… Albeit some lightsaber duels. Watch out for the ladle!
19-Jun 3:30pm Cambridge Union Guest Paul McGann – The 8th Doctor! The Cambridge Union let CUDWS members in free yet again. He gave us such thought-provoking answers to a variety of questions. Another great chap!


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