Alternate Universes

This page will contain links to the allies, adherents, and other such alternate universes linked to ours.

General Doctor Who Sites

BBC Official Site

Official programme information, interactive features, trailers, and iPlayer.

Doctor Who News

Major DW news site giving details of upcoming Doctor Who stuff.

Doctor Who TV

Major news site giving details of upcoming Doctor Who. May contain spoilers!

TARDIS Data Core

A well-stocked Wiki. Excellent in particular for finding out about concepts and expanded universe pointers.

DW Games & Gaming

2048 – Doctor Who Edition

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Can you get to Matt Smith?

BBC Doctor Who Games

Repository for all official games, including lots of flash stuff and the five Doctor Who Adventure Game downloads.

The Doctor Who Miniatures Game

Tabletop skirmish gaming rules allowing the creation and playthrough of many Doctor Who scenarios with a vast array of Doctors, Companions, and enemies.

Friends and Allies of Gallifrey

CUSFS – The Cambridge University Science Fiction Society

The university’s main Sci-Fi and Fantasy society, for all things SF/F in Cambridge apart from Doctor Who and Tolkien. They have assured the High Council that they are in no way a Cult.