2019-20 Events

You may notice that this section for Past Events is a bit different to the ones that came before it (excluding 2018/19 if I ever get round to doing it). That’s because this was the era of Delicious Sams, when a certain someone applied to every position on the council and miraculously was elected to Keeper of the Matrix, giving him complete and utter control over the holy documents held within its digital walls.

Naturally, having been given a tiny amount of power, I completely abused it and decided to use it to document opinions on the episodes viewed and what I deemed to be the best jokes told throughout the evening, just as a way to remember what really made that night great. However, what I did not foresee was how much I would blabber on without someone to stop me (which came as no surprise to everybody in the society) and thus I created a stupidly long rant-filled page about past events in the academic year of 2019/20. In order to make it easier for whoever stumbles upon our website, I’ve split the page into separate sections for each term (and the anniversary quiz) which you can access from here or from the handy drop-down menu.

So if you’re interested in what actually went down in society meetings, check out the 2019/20 pages. Maybe they’ll give you a laugh, or perhaps they’ll inspire you to join us (if only to try and take my position so you can rip this responsibility from me and stop me from going on anti-Clara rants. Good luck with that). However you react, I hope these records will let you know how close a society we are, and just how much fun our meetings are.

Ready to learn more? Then Allons-y fellow time travellers!

Michaelmas 2019: http://whosoc.soc.srcf.net/past-events-2019-2020/michaelmas-term

Lent 2020: http://whosoc.soc.srcf.net/2019-20-events-lent-term/

Easter 2020: http://whosoc.soc.srcf.net/2019-20-events-easter-term/

The Anniversary Quiz: http://whosoc.soc.srcf.net/2019-2020-the-56th-anniversary-quiz/